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The winners of the 2016 Responsible Business Awards range from a waste company’s sustainability drive to others responding to natural disasters and helping older people continue working

Responsible Business Awards winners

Estelle Brachlianoff of Veolia
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Companies make the case for maintaining a drive for sustainability despite post-Brexit uncertainty

Telecoms company’s typhoon response

The private sector joined forces to help tackle the devastation of 2013

New direction: Beyond Business backed Joel Davis’s social enterprise helping children to prepare for tests

How a bank helped child actor find new role

Scheme backed by Investec supports projects targeting deprivation in east London

Ringing changes: Stephen Shaw retrained as a customer service adviser to continue at St Leger Homes

Older staff benefit from wiser thinking

A social housing provider is retaining mature staff by offering flexible terms

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Introduction: Leaders must learn to listen

Times are changing and executives need to hear how if they are to regain public trust

BITC finalists gather at the 2015 awards ceremony

The Responsible Business Awards finalists

The Business in the Community scheme celebrates ethical companies that look beyond the bottom line

Preparing for life after ‘peak stuff’

Trailblazing businesses are suggesting that customers buy fewer of some products

Companies step in to rebuild broken states

The private sector is helping to foster rule of law and transparency in war-torn countries

Partnerships: Charity halo loses its shine

A spate of scandals is making companies cautious about teaming up with non-profits

Businesses face culture clash on LGBT rights

Businesses use ‘soft power’ to foster tolerance for staff abroad but should they do more?

Responsible Business Awards: Case studies

Featuring groundbreaking initiatives by PwC, Veolia, GSK, M&S and NFU Mutual

April 2016

Humanitarian crisis spurs innovation

Awards highlight cases from companies’ reactions to Ebola to supporting struggling smallholders

Responsible Business Awards 2016 shortlist

Key themes include global development, the environment and staff wellbeing

Opinion: We need to talk about mental health

Awkwardness is stopping us from tackling an important problem

Remodelling roles preserves traditional skills

Adjusting job descriptions has helped a pottery company keep mature workforce

Eco-café that makes your coffee greener

An energy-efficient Costa ‘pod’ and smart guest rooms are among the contenders

Creativity wins out as public and private roles merge

Responsible Business awards acknowledge increased part played by UK companies

Employers turn to caring for the carers

Support for employees helps the workplace retain skills

Diversity drive aims to combat box-ticking and bias

Companies need to analyse their culture and reward systems

It pays to be part of the scenery

Companies profit from alignment with the wider community

Businesses can help solve the social issues raised by their industry

Groups need to tackle problems that they are part of

Older workers will fill that gap

Employers that ignore the over-50s face a skills crisis

Viewpoint: Collective action shapes the way forward

Collaborations are key to sustaining capitalism, says Cranfield’s David Grayson


The comprehensive list for the Responsible Business Awards 2015 by category

There’s method behind those awards

How the finalists were selected

Case studies

A small cross-section of the nominees for the Responsible Business Awards

Sustainability measurement: index looks to connect investors

Demonstrable bottom-line benefits are required to maintain corporate commitments

Concept of ‘community support’ expands

Companies move from writing cheques to local charities to offering training, products and services

UN sets sights on sustainable development goals

September summit to address climate, poverty and inequality

Companies focus on employee health

Evidence mounts of impact on workplace performance

Corporate responsibility held back

Leaders make public commitments but shareholder primacy remains

Responsible Business awards shortlist

The 145 businesses rewarded for good work by Business in the Community

‘Age is your company’s problem’

Just as societies have been slow to adjust to a world in which 60 is middle-aged, so have employers

Heineken backs alcohol misuse project

The brewer supports Addaction’s programme for veterans