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The inaugural edition of the FT 300 list begins by asking what makes a top-quality adviser

As baby boomers retire, the demand for top-quality advice accelerates

illustration of a maze shaped like a dollar sign

What are the characteristics of an adviser in the Financial Times Top 300?

Michael Douglas

Technological revolution powers growth of independent operators

The rise of RIAs

SEC needs extra muscle to succeed

The industry wants to keep the status quo rather than have a new body

825 Third Avenue in New York City

M&A deals aim to add strength while maintaining an independent feel

Advisers can tap into operational and strategic resources

RIAs don’t use qualifications to beat Wall St rivals

Advisers need to balance academic awards with on-the-job knowledge

Active management is alive and kicking

More than half of global assets remain in active funds

Liability driven investing is starting to catch on

About 10% of the FT 300 implement ‘LDI’ as one part of their investment toolkit

Tactical is in the eye of the beholder

Clash of rigid versus flexible is more fantasy than reality

FT 300: methodology

A quantifiable and objective way to establish who is in an elite group, but not a competitive ranking