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Transport advances pinned on technology

Transport advances pinned on technology

The biggest development banks are expected to spend $175bn over the next 10 years on systems in emerging markets alone, writes Mark Odell

the Crossrail construction site at Canning Town

Crossrail: East-west scheme set to lift capacity

Projected line deemed vital to relieve London’s ageing Tube network congestion, writes Mark Odell

Two projects take different approaches to risk

No ready templates for integrating technology, writes Robert Wright

High Speed 2: Line viability draws scrutiny

Legal battles over the north-south line could last years, says Mark Odell

Flooding: Agencies seek watertight storm solutions

New York’s subway has yet to be properly repaired, says Robert Wright

Signalling: Cultural complexities play role in International Express upgrade

Robert Wright takes the 7 train through the New York borough of Queens

China: Demise of a colossus clears the way ahead

Beijing’s restructuring of railway ministry should assist the switch towards a market economy, writes Simon Rabinovitch

Investment: Big population propels India to the centre of attention

Demography explains the buzz over infrastructure potential, writes Rose Jacobs

Russia: Partnerships make tracks to reform

Considerable strides are being taken to improve decaying infrastructure, writes Isabel Gorst

battery charger

Urban transport: Wireless systems lead charge of electric brigade

Loop technology can replenish batteries as vehicles move over a grid, writes Mark Odell

US commuters: Land of the freeway starts to steer clear of the car

Texas is displaying a more accepting attitude towards public transport, says Robert Wright