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Ownership is now an international affair as overseas funds pour into traditional markets

Era of global ownership dawns

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A new financial sobriety has put an end to the decade of the quick buck, writes Ed Hammond

Funds: Investors face very long drama

Distressed assets still offer little value, writes Ed Hammond

Europe: A costly continental shift in confidence

A sharp drop in lending has left some eurozone countries reeling, reports Ed Hammond

A property on Rutland Gate in Knightsbridge
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Residential: London swings to the beat of foreign drums

Overseas buyers are boosting the price of trophy assets, says Ed Hammond

Qatar has purchased the Shell building on London’s South Bank
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Gulf investors: Solace sought in bricks and mortar

Prime western real estate is seen as a low-risk investment, explains Camilla Hall

China: Sector still a good bet for those in the know

Foreign developers seek greater access to a still strong commercial sector, says Paul J Davies

Investment: Funds look to the longer term

Prime assets offer global benefits, writes Alistair Gray

Trophy assets: Investors buy into landmark buildings’ brands

Middle East interest is just the tip of the sand dune, writes Ed Hammond

April 2012 issue

Investors drive sustainability

Ed Hammond notes uncertainty about when, or even whether, green technologies will pay back the money invested in them

Construction: Recycling just another eco-brick in the wall

Ed Hammond reports on green initiatives in buildings

Shared services: Offices in smaller cities attract IT outsourcing

Jan Cienski says central Europe offers good value

Environment: The future of building is green

Energy efficiency replaces communist concrete, writes Jan Cienski

Profile: EC Harris

The consultancy recognised the opportunities of markets opening up after years of neglect under socialism, writes Jan Cienski

Olympics: Housing will be main Games legacy

Delivering pledges will be hard, says Vanessa Kortekaas

The Gulf: Ripe for consolidation

Camilla Hall writes that mergers in this government-dominated market may be inevitable

Retail sector: Sustainable shops reduce running costs

Andrea Felsted finds eco-initiatives make economic sense

March 2012 issue

After the reversal of 2011, sector hopes for quiet 2012

One of the biggest threats to an industry recovery is the retrenchment of bank financing

China: A tale of two sectors – homes and offices

Attempts have been made to cool the housing but not the commercial market, notes Simon Rabinovitch

Financing crisis: Insurers move to fill the funding gap

Property values and the appetite to lend against it have tracked the financial markets’ rollercoaster ride to a sovereign crisis, writes Ed Hammond

Retail: Tesco signals end to store space race

Habits are changing, and western consumers falling out of love with hypermarkets, reports Andrea Felsted

Outsourcing space: India’s hopes rest on its R&D hub status

The IT services industry watches anxiously for signs of recovery, writes Neil Munshi

Speculation: Timing is crucial for skyscraper success

Developers are still building towers despite the risks. Ed Hammond surveys the market and asks why

Portfolio sales: As banks pull out, private equity moves in

Firms are buying distressed loans and financing some projects, writes Ed Hammond

Fans of modernism, look away

Buildings around London are being destroyed to make way for bigger, more efficient and sustainable – and less interesting – architecture, writes Edwin Heathcote