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Firms are struggling to meet the demands of clients who are increasingly becoming more independent

Managers of wealth need to be nimble

Private banks are struggling to meet the demands of clients who are increasingly becoming more independent, reports Sharlene Goff

Taxation: US offshore crackdown brings planning worries

Delays to new rules create compliance uncertainties, writes Kate Burgess

Spreading risk: Disillusioned clients use multiple curators

Many people now split assets between several banks, says Tanya Powley

Asia: Recruiters raise the stakes in the hunt for talent

Good connections attract stellar pay, writes Paul J Davies

Philanthropy: Due diligence is vital to ensure charity reaches its targets

A few basic steps should prevent funds being squandered, writes Elaine Moore

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Inheritance: Experts offer guidance on how to keep it in the family

Imaginative schemes exist to train the scions of wealthy families to manage their fortunes, says Lucy Warwick-Ching

Investment: Higher risk equities displace safe bonds in quest for better yields

New strategies have to be found to counter low percentage returns, says Tanya Powley

Eurozone fallout: Spanish investors look for secure growth abroad

The wealthy are seeking to invest away from the continent by turning to emerging markets, reports Miles Johnson

SMEs: Wealthy angels step into the lending breach

Start-ups provide investment chances, writes Kate Burgess

Manager co-operation: Sectors move closer but client relations remain key

Advisers should err on side of caution, says Daniel Schäfer

May issue

Markets try to regain equilibrium

The segment has been gripped by uncertainty, while the eurozone crisis, uprisings and forthcoming elections have not helped

Philanthropy: Rich seek better guidance on how to give away cash

The number of families wanting to do good is rising, says Elaine Moore

Regulation: FSA highlights ‘emerging risk’ as a factor

Watchdog has raised fears over incentives and record keeping, writes Kate Burgess

Strategy: Managers advised to downshift their focus to ‘core millionaires’

Investment houses need to look beyond the extremely rich, says Lucy Warwick-Ching

Mortgages: Firms want more control over assets in return for loans

Tanya Powley says lending criteria are changing to boost other services

US legislation: Industry concerned at extraterritorial tax clampdown plan

Fatca, a proposed bill, is the biggest issue facing the industry, reports Kate Burgess

Asia outlook: Hong Kong and Singapore remain the leading centres

Regional banks are becoming more competitive, says Paul J Davies

Business models: New entrants pose challenge to old guard

Rivals are entering the fray but their success is not assured, reports Daniel Schäfer

Tax planning: Global crackdown on avoidance forces wealthy to be transparent

Many clients fear they may run into difficulties ahead, says Elaine Moore