Private Banking

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Higher fees seem to be one response to lower interest rates

Clients are being offered advice on a wide range of topics

Testing times put focus on bright spots

Amid tougher rules and economic worries, banks are looking to new markets to chase the ultra rich

A man and a woman doing the trapeze act

Client relations: Wealth managers adjust their approach to help rebuild trust

The sector is fighting back after private clients burnt their fingers during the financial crisis, says Tanya Powley

Retail distribution: Stricter selling rules likely to bring upheaval

Elaine Moore on the impact of changes to the way investment products can be sold

Hedge funds: Managers wary of taking too much ‘hot money’

The industry is wooing a fresh set of customers after huge withdrawals by the private banks, writes Sam Jones

A night view of Chongqing

Growth: New life at the frontier of emerging markets

Sharlene Goff looks at where the best opportunities are expected to be

Confidentiality: Switzerland moves to avert threat to privacy privileges

Haig Simonian on deals with the UK and Germany. Worrying tensions remain with the US

London property market: Political stability offers haven for investors

Tanya Powley explains why the UK capital has remained so popular

Changing strategies: New charges aimed at less lucrative clients

Higher fees seem to be one response to lower interest rates, writes Lucy Warwick-Ching

Search for talent: Only the trilingual, numerate and personable need apply

Ever greater abilities are required of staff, reports Elaine Moore

Non-core services: The art of investing in paintings and wine

Clients are being offered advice on a range of topics