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The big banks are getting bigger but smaller institutions are holding their own in an environment that is being transformed by post-crisis regulation and where much future growth will come from emerging markets - especially Asia

Only the strongest will survive shake-out

Tougher rules, rising costs and cautious clients are countering a more positive outlook and making bank chiefs wary

Advisers wise up to the need to polish tarnished credentials

Hefty fees for complex products are a thing of the past

Global groups: ‘Champions’ league’ rules the roost

Big banks have raised market share but even the giants are refocusing

Wealthy investors find that good things come in small packages

Clients are playing the simplicity card

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Surge in Asian millionaire clients provides lucrative opportunities

China takes a leading role in adding glitz

Asia: Unlikely pairing may point the way ahead

Intense competition is likely to lead to more tie-ups

Emerging markets: Wealth dips in Brazil and China

Managers predict growth in ultra rich despite hiccup

Tighter rules lead institutions to restructure

Compliance can put pressure on already squeezed margins

Mark Mason

Recruitment: Investment bank staff find havens from lay-offs

The newly wealthy are lifting demand for specialist advice


Private banking’s high returns attract rivals in search of sanctuary

Daniel Schäfer finds that many in other parts of the industry are turning to the sector, even though margins are being squeezed

Switzerland: Haven feels pressure to conform with global data sharing rules

James Shotter considers the Alpine nation’s response to global influences

Private banking: Wall Street’s big names aim to woo the affluent

Tracy Alloway looks at differing approaches of two brands to the market

Competition: Entrants find the wealth industry is not a risk-free zone

The area is more cyclical than many imagine, reports James Shotter

Crisis fallout: Margins suffer as rich hoard their cash

Daniel Schäfer finds managers are waiting for an interest rate boost

IT: Next generation of private bank clients forces pace of change

Jennifer Thompson says better systems can help improve customer relations

Emerging markets: Questions hang over eastern dreams of private banks

Wealth in the region is being accumulated at a staggering rate, says Paul J Davies

Recruitment: Wealth managers are rare beasts

Job cuts in other sectors may benefit talent spotters, says Daniel Schäfer

Consolidation: Fragmented business offers huge potential for mergers in the private banking world

Banks around the world are seeking to strengthen their core activities, reports Daniel Schäfer