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A look at polo around the world: the state of the game in various countries, its stars, rule changes and new developments

Rule changes promise exciting season

Patrons have rethought teams, raising expectations of a year of surprises, writes Bob Sherwood

Polo to launch its own premier league

Society game seeks to establish sporting credibility

Pukka chukka: Highlights of the English season

Upcoming events will appeal to aficionados and audiences new to the sport

Gulf: Dubai club belies desert city’s reputation

The UAE’s casual polo scene is a hit with expats, writes Tom Gara

Hugo Fischer

Australia: ‘Rugby on horseback’ wins fans down under

Laid-back approach matches the local mood, says Lachlan Colquhoun

England team
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Competitions: Drive to lift profile of international game

Playing for your country is not always the pinnacle of the sport, writes James Mullan

The British Beach Polo Championships

Different formats: Beach game leads charge to pull in new spectators

Fresh ideas are helping to make the sport more accessible, reports James Mullan

China polo

China: Wealthy elite revives the spirit of the emperors

The country is once again playing an ancient game, writes John O’Sullivan

Lyndon Lea

Interview: Lyndon Lea

The well-known investor talks to Yolanda Carslaw

Hardcourt bike polo: Four legs good, two wheels much better

Urban hipsters are reinventing the game, finds Serge Debrebant


Rule changes bring drama to playing field

Controversial tweaks to the regulations have helped produce a thrilling season, writes Bob Sherwood

Argentina: Polo’s spiritual home

The sport is a lucrative business in the country most passionate about the game, writes Jude Webber

Home-grown players: No quick fix for old issue

A new push is under way to tackle the lack of home-grown talent in the English game, says Bob Sherwood

Women in polo: Taking on male stars

An increase in the number of female players is helping change attitudes, writes Elizabeth Robinson

James Packer: Laying the foundations for a title challenge

James Packer seeks to follow in his father’s footsteps by building a state-of-the-art English polo headquarters

Adolfo Cambiaso: Down but not out

The Argentine polo legend prepares to fight back after a bruising season, writes Robert Orr

Pakistan: A battle for supremacy

Age-old scores are settled in a unique tournament played amid the soaring peaks of Pakistan’s Hindu Raj, writes Matthew Green

Polo in Iran: Long history, bright future

Keeping the game alive in the country where it began is no easy task, reports Najmeh Bozorgmehr

China: Argentina exports polo expertise

Argentina is exporting its skills to a booming country that is eager to learn, writes Jude Webber

David Woodd: Playing for love rather than money

The head of polo’s governing body is confident about the future of the game, writes David Owen

Sponsorship: Exclusivity helps fund game of kings

Luxury brand names in particular continue to be drawn to the sport, writes Salamander Davoudi

Reporting on polo: Hold the sports page

The game’s quest to be taken more seriously as a sport continues, writes James Mullan

Breeding industry sees double as cloning takes off

Cloning champion horses is a growing and potentially lucrative business, says Jane Bird

US: Polo endures despite low profile

In the US, more people associate polo with the Ralph Lauren clothing line than with the exclusive sport itself, writes David Gelles