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Sluggish economy demands bold reform

Sluggish economy demands reform

Recession remains at bay though the eurozone crisis is taking its toll, says Jan Cienski

Economy: Europe’s best performer has little room for fiscal stimulus

Hopes of an export boost depend on recovery in the eurozone, reports Neil Buckley


A huge drive is underway to extract the gas, bringing not just the hope of cheaper energy, but the tantalising prospect of breaking the country’s energy dependence on Russia

Foreign policy: Eyes remain on lead EU role despite euro delays

Hold-up in currency membership could mean Warsaw is left out of key decisions, reports Neil Buckley

Newsmaker: Junior partner fights to survive

People’s party chief Janusz Piechocinski needs a poll boost, writes Jan Cienski

Defence: Military prepares for modernisation

Programme to upgrade ageing equipment drives competition for contracts, reports Jan Cienski

Comment: Firm believer in Europe puts eggs in one basket

Pawel Swieboda says Warsaw will fight for the success of the EU’s post-crisis reconstruction

Agriculture: Exports of food remain healthy in spite of scandal-hit beef

Sector insists that fallout from the horse meat controversy has not caused damage on a broad scale

Politics: Unpalatable rivals prove to be Tusk’s biggest assets

Prime minister has failed to galvanise voters with his policies, writes Jan Cienski

Tourism: Lakes, forest and lowland bison help to charm visitors

Diverse destination seeks to improve image abroad, says Adam Easton

Jerzy Wisniewski: Sour deals that brought PBG to its knees

The founder of a once leading Polish construction company admits he should have taken more care

Financial services: Banks boost reserves and hold back on loans

Jan Cienski finds that recent years have been a time of consolidation

Energy: Pressure rises in search for shale gas

Slow exploration progress and regulatory rows deflate early hopes, writes Jan Cienski

Renewables: Investors await legislation details to see which way the wind blows

Confusion over future subsidies is making it hard to find project finance, says Adam Easton