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Poznan: Hosting Euro 2012 brings the country’s fifth-largest city benefits

Sporting chance is reward for progress

Jan Cienski finds the nation making strides thanks to Euro 2012 and EU money but headwinds are rising

Economy: Nation avoided recession but risks persist

Neil Buckley explains why the outlook depends on the eurozone

Poznan: More than merely a facelift for the football

Hosting Euro 2012 brings many benefits, says Neil Buckley

Solidarity members gather at the presidential palace during a protest against government plans to raise the retirement age to 67

Politics: Tusk forces austerity through and hopes voters forget quickly

The ruling party has lost support over social changes, writes Jan Cienski

Foreign policy: Making friends with neighbours and old enemies

The eurozone is important looking westwards but the east is still a priority, writes Jan Cienski

Gtech: High skills prompt one-way bet

Jan Cienski finds Warsaw is the hub of the gaming systems company’s European operation

Renewable energy: Green electricity sector will grow faster when it gets head of wind

Biomass thrown into coal-fired boilers to reduce emissions is no sustainable solution, writes Adam Easton

Euro 2012: Roads provide one route to boost the economy

Development will provide long-term economic support, says Jan Cienski

A Lot Polish Airlines plane

Airlines: Competitors manage to fly rings round national carrier

Intense local rivalry is putting pressure on Lot, writes Kamil Tchorek

A Kruk collector uses a mobile phone

Kruk: Debt collector took a polite approach and it paid off

Agency’s rational approach to clients who could not pay returned dividends, writes Jan Cienski

Atomic energy: Politicians back nuclear – but voters still wary

Warsaw seeks ways to reduce reliance on Russian gas and carbon emissions, writes Liam Nolan

Motor industry: Poles build new cars but buy used ones

Neil Buckley finds that more home sales would further boost auto making