The New Trade Routes

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- Trans-Pacific Partnership: negotiations for extended membership have been difficult

- Latin America: shifting trade patterns are fuelling growth

Overview: Full speed ahead on new Silk Road

‘South-south’ trade is surging but more needs to be done to remove barriers

Asean: Economic unity is a long way off

Non-tariff barriers to the expansion of trade and services are widespread within the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations, writes Ben Bland

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Far-reaching agreement could form powerful new trade bloc

David Pilling explains why negotiations for extended membership have been difficult

Jayant Menon: Proliferation of deals ‘is costly and confusing’

Roel Landingin hears from the lead economist at the ADB

European Union: Stalled Doha round spawns rush of bilateral deals

Lack of progress on multilateral talks redirects energies, says Joshua Chaffin

Latin America: Shift in direction fuels growth across continent

Asian demand for commodities has created a bonanza, writes John Paul Rathbone

textile worker

Trade flows: Adapting to sea-changes in commerce

Trade has played a vital role in the prosperity of Asian countries but each has very different opportunities and faces a variety of challenges, FT correspondents report from across the region