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A shift on the part of US independents, many of which have been under pressure from shareholders to sell off their overseas assets and concentrate on North America, has been aiding Chinese companies

Oil:M&A markets look east

Chinese state-controlled companies are targeting international ‘upstream’ companies involved in exploration and production


Video; Energy
Many in Saudi Arabia fear that the country’s energy dominance may be waning as oil and gas production in North America surges

Oil: Majors focus on value for money

As profit margins are being squeezed, oil company executives are refocusing their efforts from chasing volume to extracting value for money

Nigeria: Thefts hit oil production

Despite frequent protests by oil companies, little has been done to stop criminal activities

Mexico: Wide hostility to Pemex reform

Proponents and opponents of the presdrive to reform Mexico’s energy sector still await details of how outsiders will be allowed to partner the state energy company

Flames rise from an Egyptian pipeline distribution station after an attack in the Sinai peninsula

Mideast: Instability threatens crude market

Egypt, Syria and Libya each present a challenge to the oil industry as production levels start to fall and disruption increases

Legal moves to halt greater transparency

Lobbyists hope last-gasp attempt to thwart Dodd-Frank reforms is only a temporary setback

Geology is the enemy in tight oil battle

Innovation points way to oil’s future