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The energy industry is facing a new set of challenges as the United States prepares for its first LNG exports and crude nears peak production; Canada wrestles with the vast potential of its oil sands; and Mexico readies itself for sweeping sector reforms that have whetted the appetites of big groups

Shale boom brings its own set of challenges

As the aftershocks of an energy revolution reverberate, the sector is rethinking everything from transport to markets


The FT’s Ed Crooks explains the cap and trade climate policy

Rail regulators face safety concerns

New standards for tankers may allow the industry to abandon speed restrictions

Solar power sector hopes emission bid will light the way

New rules to wean the US off coal may help investors clean up

Mexico’s resource wealth and reforms whet appetites of big groups

Liberalisation is being dubbed the country’s ‘second revolution’

Maize price decline and export rise fire optimism

Refiners are finding faraway markets amid fears of a biofuel mandate cut

On the drawing board: how the Kitimat venture would look

Canada’s LNG exporters forced to seek a liquid solution

Costs, politics and logistics shape a new path

Coal: Environmentalists predict ‘last gasp’ for a traditional industry

Exports are faltering amid tough market conditions

Canada’s changing landscape keeps sector on its toes

Pipelines, costs and emissions, are crucial factors

Quest project attracts worldwide interest

Protecting the planet comes at a price

Commentary: Jason Bordoff, former energy adviser to President Barack Obama

Leaders must see shale revolution as a boon not a bane