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* Some see the country’s greatest resource in its youth, not its oil

* Plans have been made to reverse the decline of farming

Overview: The uneven spoils of growth

William Wallis finds impatience growing as the government prepares for a new phase of reforms

Guest column

Patronage and cronyism have emerged as a culture and reduced Nigeria to a nation that feeds on handouts from the elite
– Matthew Hassan Kukah

The economy: Once more courting the attention of investors

The growing middle class is a draw, says William Wallis

Politics: Jury still out on record of accidental president

Xan Rice considers the performance of Goodluck Jonathan’s government

Subsidies: Reform of the domestic oil market is a sticky business

Parselelo Kantai explores the case for removing an expensive distortion

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: On a mission to build nation’s credibility

William Wallis talks to the finance minister about her plans for reform

Capital markets: Meltdown opens the way for a sounder exchange

It will not be easy to restore faith among bruised investors, says Simon Mundy

Delta militants: Locals see the benefits of an end to hostilities

The government truce has brought successes. But a lasting peace may still be elusive, says Christopher Thompson

Nigerian students operate personal computers

Private education: Schools that attract committed teachers and the unscrupulous

Parselelo Kantai considers the flaws in a poorly regulated, tax-free system

Art and culture: Driving the imagination and hips of a continent

Parselelo Kantai reports on the Naija entertainment phenomenon

Philanthropy: Tycoons put a professional veneer on business of giving

A fresh generation wants to make its mark, reports Parselelo Kantai

Local oil groups: Domestic drillers ramp up to grab bigger market share

Production by local companies to rise, writes Christopher Thompson

Power sector: New minister wants private sector to turn on the lights

Christopher Thompson on the latest efforts to rectify electricity shortages

Terror: Escalating militant attacks suggest foreign backing

The government’s heavy-handed counter-insurgency efforts have not been successful,writes Xan Rice

Technocrats: Movers and shakers in the new administration

William Wallis profiles some of the people responsible for the governance of a sometimes unruly country

Iroko Partners: Demand proves insatiable for Nollywood on the net

Diaspora fans are providing profits, says Simon Mundy

Agriculture: Fresh blood for farming sector ‘whose real enemy has been oil’

Simon Mundy reports on plans to revitalise an industry that employs two-thirds of the workforce

Railways: Difficulty making the right connections

Robert Wright reports on the parlous state of the country’s network