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Policy reforms, improved security and a commodities boom have lead to Colombia’s emergence as one of Latin America’s investment hotspots - but challenges still lie ahead

Colombia: A rediscovered country

El Caney Plantation and view over coffee crops towards the Andes Mountains, near Manizales, Colombia
©Ethel Davies

For decades the rugged Andean landscape harboured crime and violence, but today regional pride is emerging in a revived economy

Interactive and videos

One of the most dangerous cities in Latin America has undergone a dramatic transformation
The new Colombia video
Horses and carts could be pushed off roads as autos take over
The New Colombia
The Andean country’s relative peace and prosperity encourage digital enterprise
Juan Manuel Santos
©Christopher Morris/VII

The peace maker

In seeking to end 50 years of guerrilla fighting, President Juan Manuel Santos is treading a fine political line

Oil producers surge ahead

Market liberalisation and an influx of émigré Venezuelan workers have been catalysts for a boom in Colombia’s energy sector

Wealth, power and the press

Industry and politics are closely linked with control of the media, but journalists have a proud history of challenging the status quo

a model shows an example of bulletproof clothing made by Miguel Caballero
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Security for export

After decades of conflict with insurgents at home, Colombia is cashing in on its military knowhow by selling it to the world

Fault lines

La Guajira peninsula is an unlikely mix of semi-nomadic people, tourism and mining multinationals

Scene on the road that links Aguachica, Cesar with Banco, Magdalena
©Stephen Ferry

Long road ahead

The country’s crumbling transport infrastructure is to receive a $100bn update over the next decade

Meet the new movers

Andres Schipani, Naomi Mapstone and Henry Mance profile the Colombians who are setting the agendas in politics, society, business and culture

Mai Lirol Darlin bar
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Bogotá nights

Young people are celebrating a new wave of optimism and entrepreneurial spirit as the city’s violent history fades

Malcolm Deas, emeritus fellow of St Antony’s College and lecturer in the government and politics of Latin America at the University of Oxford

Eternal leaders

Colombian presidents often exert their influence long after they have left office – much to the irritation of some successors

Service culture

By adopting the best of the private sector’s values, Colombia’s police force is winning public respect, says its former head, Óscar Naranjo

Eco protests grow over mining expansion

Government fast track for mining projects threatens Colombia’s rich biodiversity, say environmentalists