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A look inside the world of modern energy – a sector being driven by new technology and environmental concerns to rethink its business models

Technology drives smarter thinking

the Nest app allows customers to adjust heating by smartphone

Disruption pushes sector to reinvent the way it does business

New generation biofuels pass a milestone

Science and regulations still temper expectations

Japan revisits pre-Fukushima nuclear past

Three years on, there are moves to restart the reactors

smart meter displays

Smart meters deliver benefits – and costs

Savings for suppliers and consumers come at a price

solar panels on a roof (left)/Cars and trucks on a highway drive past a windpark

Managing Germany’s switch to greener power

There is new hope for struggling traditional providers

Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s economy and energy minister
©Marco Urban

Reforms aim to cut cost of ‘Energiewende’

New rules protect Geman industry but increase the burden on consumers

US shows how to conquer energy peaks

Users get better deals for accepting supply interruptions

Costs hamper shale extraction in China

Companies struggle with geology and state monopolies

Congo river

Hydropower under scrutiny over value

Study comes amid new push to build more mega-dams

UK consumers resist calls to shop around

Nearly 40 per cent have never changed supplier