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Barcelona, in a duel with Spain’s capital Madrid, is a city constantly regenerating while also grappling with calls for an independent Catalonia

Reinvention paves path to growth

But independence debate casts a shadow across the city

Zaryn Dentzel of Tuenti
©Enrique Gaya

Tech-savvy drawn to warm climate and cool image of Barcelona

The ability to attract international talent and invest in research and development has seen a rise in start-ups

Commercial deals a little off target

The club is in need of all the wins it can get, as it tries to sidestep claims of transfer impropriety and earn back the trust of fans

Growing pains force a rethink in tourism strategy to protect locals

Great destinations constantly change and walk a fine line between what is good for visitors and residents

the Torre Agbar tower

Creativity becomes a driving force

Barcelona is reinventing itself as a global product

Winners emerge after years in the financial wilderness

Inter-city duel ends in Barcelona’s favour

Mayor of Barcelona Xavier Trias
©Miquel Benitez

Mayor says it is time to change the relationship with Spain

Xavier Trias talks about independence and rivalry with Madrid

Office buildings in Hospitalet, Barcelona

Foreigners dig deep for property

Investors have found it is a good time to bet again on this cosmopolitan city

femal fashion model for Desigual

Barcelona has transformed itself into a design mecca

A reputation for style and modernity has helped attract global consumers

Winds of change extract a heavy price in the world of print

Culture and politics play their part in an industry that is still in recovery