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Barriers to business between the Middle East and Africa are led by corruption and red tape at African borders. Yet sectors from airlines to telecoms and private equity to banking are drawn to fast-growing Africa’s untapped opportunities

Deep roots foster new trade ties

Barriers to business in Africa may be daunting, but groups are optimistic trade will grow and diversify

Ashish Thakkar

Dubai moves with the times

Location and ease of operating help make emirate a new centre for trade with Africa


Airlines race to conquer the last bastion of sky-high yields

Gulf hubs benefit from their position between Asia and Africa

Gulf financial groups revive ancient links

Global banks benefit but locals are also on the march to Africa

Bureaucracy: Red tape and corruption snarl up flow of goods

Governments need to take action to ensure that initiatives and agreements are properly implemented

Saudi appetite for meat puts food on Somali families’ tables

Exports are at record levels, and there is scope for more

Private equity: Abraaj shows way for acquisitions

The Dubai group is big in mortgages and milk

African telecoms markets ripe for mergers and consolidation

Mobile operators see region as next big growth opportunity