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Aztec tiger begins to sharpen its claws

Aztec tiger begins to sharpen its claws

Prudent economic management has built the foundations of a bright future that needs to be secured by investment

Border: Bottleneck at frontier chokes opportunities to boost trade

A lack of checkpoints is seen as a big factor blocking the smooth passage of goods to and from the US


Activists are pressing for a radical improvement in public transport

Ports: Bright shipping forecast follows investment plan

Programme reflects aim of doubling capacity

Telecoms: Regulation aims to rein in communication titans

Reforms will open the field to foreign investors

Energy: Focus on Pemex raises hopes of private investors

The state company is stretched to the limit

Homes: Policy moves put builders in tough position

A change in priority from low-rise to high-rise fuels worry

Commentary: Investment is vital on the long and potholed path to prosperity

According to the World Bank, less than 40% of Mexico’s roads are paved, unchanged over the last decade

Roads: Funding for connections gets a boost

Spending on highways has increased sharply of late and is destined to keep rising

Tourism: Developers extend their reach beyond Cancún

New resorts are integral to plans for attracting visitors from countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China

Public transport upgrade raises quality of metropolitan lives

Metro and buses offer hope in a capital clogged up with cars