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During its few short years of stability, the government has publicly committed to better manage the economy and its public resources, but corruption and social inequality put this at risk

Prospects for Mauritania improve but there is still a way to go

A period of stability has brought growth and greater openness, but social fractures may undermine the effort


Katrina Manson reports on the current economic and political situation in Mauritania

Challenging times for Mauritania as it reinvents itself

Economic reforms have helped but diversification is key

Fisheries should contribute more to the economy

Most catches are landed abroad, while poor harvests have raised crop prices

Opinion: Democracy has no hope until slavery ends

The debate in Mauritania is no longer about whether this painful legacy exists or not, but rather how best to deal with it, says Nasser Weddady

Nouakchott sees value in courting foreign backers of all stripes

Diplomatic relations finally offer a way forward

Mauritania looks to rail and water to boost mining sector

Investing in infrastructure is essential

Revenues fail to materialise as energy explorers keep looking

The majors and petrodollar billions are yet to roll in