part 3: growth markets

How has economic power shifted from west to east, and what is the balance between the developed and developing worlds? In this chapter, we look at which areas now offer the greatest opportunity for sustained global growth.

Story of economic growth heads southeast

Globe Asia(ballpoint pen and notebook)
Asian shot in close-up around the globe.
Background notes and placed a ball point pen.

Region’s growth is rapid but it’s unclear if it can continue

British recovery depends on point of view

Building bolstered by Treasury scheme but workers’ wages stagnant


EM economic reform hamstrung by politics

Combination of state control and free enterprise that promised so much post-crisis is under scrutiny

Part 2: regulation
Antonio Horta Osario CEO Lloyds Bank 10/10/13 At their Grisham Street Offices

Banks worry regulation will crimp recovery

A sense of optimism for an economic rebound in the US, UK and Germany exists but legacy issues continue to haunt lenders

North Sea oilfields offer new prospects

Decommissioning ageing platforms is lucrative business opportunity


Regulation changes the way hedge funds grow

Larger players welcome new rules but small managers will struggle

Part 1: Global Economy

Companies seek to balance cuts and growth

Nimble organisations consolidate functions while chasing new revenue

Asian smartphone makers eye developing markets

Lower margins prompt companies to cut costs and raise efficiency

Logic of outsourcing can be hard to resist

Outsourcing is not an easy option but can give businesses flexibility to grow