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Thousands of delegates are heading to Paris to finalise a new global climate change accord in December. But pledges published so far by more than 160 countries are not going to be enough to reduce risky levels of global warming, the UN has warned.

Paris talks aim to avoid carbon disaster

Time is running out to agree a deal to curb the risks of rising global temperatures

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Paris climate talks
In December the biggest UN talks on tackling global warming since the ill-fated Copenhagen meeting in 2009 take place in the Parisian suburb of Le Bourget

Oil majors see role as friend in energy talks

Leading producers are attempting to engage in the emissions debate

Motoring efficiency slips into reverse gear

Greater efforts are needed to force meaningful changes in the carbon footprint of car use

Coal sector tries to counter green lobby

Industry leaders say carbon capture and efficiency gains could rescue the fuel’s fortunes

Nicholas Stern

Tough action on carbon offers a bright future

Nicholas Stern argues the economic benefits of tackling emissions

Campaigners say the personal is political

Small but profound changes in individual habits can help

Tom Sheldon of Science Media Centre

Academics tough it out on emission rows

Controversy over ‘Climategate’ still lingers over researchers’ involvement in policy recommendations

Demand for meat is now a global threat

Farmers’ role as contributors to greenhouse gas emissions is being overlooked

Nick Butler

Focus on science could recast energy supply

After the failures of Kyoto and Copenhagen, Paris will raise awareness but will not produce solutions