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Disease control: Mosquitoes are the target in efforts to beat the scourge

Fears over finances cast shadow

Optimism grows but funding worries and drug-resistant strains threaten any advances, writes Andrew Jack

Thomas Sandow, his wife Alice and children Henry and Irene demonstrate the benefits of fitting bed nets properly
©Malaria No More UK

Ghana: Going beyond handouts to improve healthy outcomes

The country is doing more than doling out bed nets, says Andrew Jack

Opinion: Singing out against malaria

On a trip to Ghana, Aloe Blacc finds a country hit by the costs of the disease where every schoolchild has been affected

Myanmar border: Spectre of ‘untreatable’ variant rears its head

Greater drug resistance is being found in the region, reports Gwen Robinson

Regulatory code: Makers call for overhaul of regime for bed net sales

Manufacturers of generic copies face less rigorous standards on the way to market, reports Andrew Jack

US army personnel treat uniforms with permethrin
©Walter Reed Institute

Military clothing: A uniform idea for protection

New uses are proposed for outfits designed to protect soldiers, says Sarah Murray

Disease control: Mosquitoes are target in battle to beat the scourge

The carriers are at the centre of initiatives to tackle the illness, reports Clive Cookson

Knowlesi malaria: Emergent strain poses threat to global containment efforts

Deforestation is aiding a south-east Asian variant, says Katherine Rowland

the plasmodium falciparum parasite

Travel: Returning migrants at more risk than tourists

Emigrants visiting home are more likely to be infected, writes Katherine Rowland

Historic overview: Sierra Leone returns to pioneer’s methods

After more than a century, the country is again trying to eliminate the carriers, writes Katrina Manson

Text messaging: SMS keeps track of vital stocks

The widespread use of mobile phones throughout the developing world provides an essential tool for managing the delivery chain, writes Charles Batchelor

Chinese donations: Tale of frustration that lies behind health aid to Africa

Difficulties hamper well-meant efforts to help, writes Beibei Yin

Drug development: Treatments need constant refinement

Pharmaceuticals groups continue trying to improve existing remedies, reports Andrew Jack

Opinion: Time is not on our side

Raymond G. Chambers, the UN secretary-general’s special envoy for malaria, considers the challenges ahead

New frontiers in the battle against malaria

Fighting the disease remains a top priority, says Stephen O’Brien