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EU membership eludes Macedonia but in spite of ethnic stresses it has raced up the World Bank’s annual global survey on ‘ease of doing business’

EU elusive but investors tempted

Macedonia has raced up the World Bank’s annual global survey on ‘ease of doing business’

Politics: Old rivals get to know each other in quest for stability

The ruling coalition has proved itself unexpectedly durable

Opinion: Frustration rules during wait for seat at EU table

Prospect of EU membership serves to tame rival nationalisms and calm border quarrels among neighbours

Tourism: Subsidies and friendly locals woo visitors

Low-cost holidays hold out prospect of double-digit growth

A fruit store in Macedonia
©Ivan Blazhev

Economy: Debt worries raise questions about state of public finances

Fears of financial contagion from the Greek crisis are being played down by the government and central bank

Sveta Petka, Elem’s automated hydropower plant

Energy: Long-term returns prove difficult

Foreign investors have often found it hard to do business

Urban renewal: Constructing history for a new era

Costly regeneration projects have divided the community. But the government insists that its programme will help unify the young nation

Foreign investment: Automation has been a driving force

Johnson Matthey produces 4m converters a year worth €500m

Wine glass

Viticulture: Medals mount for wines on an international mission

Developing taste for more varieties has boosted the industry at home and abroad

Capital markets: Challenges remain in untouched sovereign territory

Frontier market is in favour but remains too small for most investors