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Tourist buyers: the Chinese pay less when they are away from home. This may lead European brands to raise prices

Tourist buyers pose sales conundrum

The Chinese pay less when they are away from home. This may lead European brands to raise prices, says Rachel Sanderson

Job moves: Executives aim to deliver the goods

Expansion plans have prompted reshuffles, says Elizabeth Paton

Internet channel: Digital use may have boosted sales by surprising amounts

Study casts light on area still neglected by companies, says Rachel Sanderson

François-Henri Pinault

François-Henri Pinault: Mix of form and function is raison d’être

PPR’s chief executive tells Scheherazade Daneshkhu about the dividing lines between luxury and lifestyle

Market tumult: Optimism in face of fears on euro and commodities

It is still too early to speak of disaster, two leading economists tell Chris Giles

Retail: Virtual and real worlds entwine

How customers and brands interconnect both in the real and virtual worlds is becoming more important, writes Andrea Felsted

Investment activity: Asia’s lust for labels tempts brands to tap the markets

A string of successful IPOs and acquisitions is set to continue, says Johanna Kassel

Flagship stores: Groups look east as clients head west

Elizabeth Paton asks if the retail strategies of global brands are in need of a rethink

Interview: Sidney Toledano

Vanessa Friedman discusses the artistic director’s role

Metal work: an assistant displays gold ingots, often seen as a hedge against currency fluctuations, at a shop in Yiwu, in east China

Commodities: Sector attempts to reduce use of costly raw materials

Luxury companies face the same economic headwinds as everyone else, writes Javier Blas