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In this report

Exploring the global city, from ‘superdiversity’, the housing crisis and the capital’s image abroad to the mayoral election, the airports battle, expat experiences and London in literature

Why we must defend ‘Londonism’

The capital’s creed of openness to the world is its lifeblood and must be protected


Growing population and foreign investment drive up prices
French flag
What draws French entrepreneurs to London?

London from Paris

The capital looms large in French consciousness, both as a model and a warning

a zumba exercise class at Barking Road Community Centre in Plaistow
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The most diverse place in Britain

‘Super-diversity’ appears to be enhancing, not harming community cohesion in Plaistow, east London

High stakes at City Hall

The battle to be the next mayor promises to be riveting, with Labour desperate to reclaim the city

An elderly man passes a housing development in Elephant and Castle, south London
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Home truths

How effective have Boris Johnson’s policies been at tackling the housing crisis?

Housing development in the nine-elms area of London near the new American Embassy
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An architectural cul-de-sac

A blanket of lookalike apartment blocks is smothering the rich mix on which the city thrives

Views from afar illustration
©Martin O'Neill

Views from abroad

Do foreigners see London as hip and happening or overpriced and over the hill?

A difficult landing

David Cameron faces a politically explosive decision after a commission backed Heathrow expansion

Overground train

On the right lines

The Overground has transformed travel. But it deprives us of a chance to moan, says Matthew Engel

Coming clean: entrepreneur Ludovic Blanc relishes London business culture

Two tales of a city

Expats are divided over London’s allure — and threats to it

Photo essay competition

Photojournalism students focus on the city

Why Boswell’s London still rings true

No one has captured the capital’s allure better than a Scot, 250 years ago

Words on the streets

Many writers have tried but is it possible to capture this vast, vibrant city in a novel?

The shipping forecast

Is the city prepared to do business in a changing world?

London’s smart moves

A looming population boom is spurring the capital to technological innovation


Identity: What makes a Londoner?

John McDermott on how the capital’s citizens see themselves

After Boris

Who are the likely contenders to succeed Mayor Johnson?

Is London becoming more like Paris?

How the capital is turning itself inside out

The unofficial capital of globalisation

Nowhere else has pushed openness to such extremes

Mind the gap

The divisive issue of the missing London bridges

New in town

London migrants mapped – plus their own stories

Independence thinking

Should the capital have greater autonomy?

Shappi Khorsandi on London humour

The comedian on what makes Londoners laugh

Photo essay competition

Photojournalism students focus on the city

The pursuit of lunchtime happiness

London and New York are divided by a common snack

The future of the City of London

What big challenges will shape the next 30 years?

The long and strange history of the City

Lord Glasman on what the Romans did for the Square Mile

What might prick London’s property bubble?

Kate Allen on five potential tipping points

Television takeovers

Airports: holding pattern

Have decades of delay over expansion undermined London as a hub?

The Future of the City

Top class

Innovative policies have transformed state schools

Streets apart

London’s retail scene is becoming ever more polarised

Cinema: Tales from the dark side

The city on film is the capital of noir

Building a city for all ages

We need to design for an ageing population

Part four

Capital faces up to growing demand

Regeneration and housebuilding are happening – but can they accommodate a soaring population and overseas investment?

A commanding position

London is rare in combining political and economic power – but it comes at a price

Science: Building on a tradition of discovery

Could a wave of new institutions help make the capital ‘the leading scientific city on the planet’?

Start-ups: Beyond the ‘Silicon Roundabout’

Improvements and growing demand led to rents more than doubling in less than two years

Architecture: Creative tension

Architects must engage with differences in scale, style and era, from medieval streets to steel skyscrapers