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Exploring the global city, from politics, transport and massive demographic change to culture, photography and humour

Identity: What makes a Londoner?

Illustration by Nick Lowndes of a passport
©Nick Lowndes

John McDermott on how the capital’s citizens see themselves


The 'Gherkin,' the 'Cheesegrater, the 'Walkie-Talkie, and 125 Old Broad Street
Harriet Agnew asks what the City of London will look like in 30 years’ time
A ‘gold rush’ of foreign buyers is targeting London’s TV industry
London and the world
UK capital’s open labour markets and international outlook lure workers from EU and beyond
London Mayor Boris Johnson waves from a new prototype red double decker bus at Trafalgar Square
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After Boris

Who are the likely contenders to succeed Mayor Johnson?

Illustration by Martin O’Neill of a demographic map
©Martin O’Neill

Is London becoming more like Paris?

How the capital is turning itself inside out

Illustration by Nick Lowndes of a key and lock
©Nick Lowndes

The unofficial capital of globalisation

Nowhere else has pushed openness to such extremes

A composite image showing Tower Bridge being built in the late 19th century, and today
©Museum of London Docklands/PA

Mind the gap

The divisive issue of the missing London bridges

New in town

London migrants mapped – plus their own stories

Independence thinking

Should the capital have greater autonomy?

Shappi Khorsandi on London humour

The comedian on what makes Londoners laugh

Photo essay competition

Photojournalism students focus on the city

The pursuit of lunchtime happiness

London and New York are divided by a common snack

The future of the City of London

What big challenges will shape the next 30 years?

The long and strange history of the City

Lord Glasman on what the Romans did for the Square Mile

What might prick London’s property bubble?

Kate Allen on five potential tipping points

Airports: holding pattern

Have decades of delay over expansion undermined London as a hub?

Top class

Innovative policies have transformed state schools

Streets apart

London’s retail scene is becoming ever more polarised

Cinema: Tales from the dark side

The city on film is the capital of noir

Building a city for all ages

We need to design for an ageing population

Part four

Capital faces up to growing demand

Regeneration and housebuilding are happening – but can they accommodate a soaring population and overseas investment?

A commanding position

London is rare in combining political and economic power – but it comes at a price

Science: Building on a tradition of discovery

Could a wave of new institutions help make the capital ‘the leading scientific city on the planet’?

Start-ups: Beyond the ‘Silicon Roundabout’

Improvements and growing demand led to rents more than doubling in less than two years

Architecture: Creative tension

Architects must engage with differences in scale, style and era, from medieval streets to steel skyscrapers

Advertising: The capital’s unique selling point

A concentration of skills has made the city a one-stop shop – but it risks cutting off its own supply of talent

Comment: We must take the lead

The Lord Mayor of London, Fiona Woolf, argues that the capital can help to change the world

London lives: Marks of a notable past

The stories behind the blue plaques commemorating famous Londoners

Part three

Capital takes the strain in times of austerity

London has fared better than much of the UK, but it is not immune to the impact of cutbacks – and also faces unique challenges

Migration: An open or shut case

Is the push to restrict immigration keeping out the very people the capital needs?

Housing: Foreign players in the property game

Do buyers from overseas snap up homes destined for Londoners – or help to ensure that new developments get built in the first place?

Affordable housing: Local residents are priced out

‘You need either a significant wage to buy or you need to be able to access social housing’

Beware children: schools face new baby boom

The capital needs the equivalent of nearly 200 new primaries by 2017 if it is to meet the soaring demand for places

Free thinking: Can Michael Gove’s pet policy plug the gap?

Of 93 free schools that opened this month, none was in the most affected boroughs

Tax: Trouble abroad for the City?

London’s relationship with Britain’s offshore financial centres is under scrutiny amid calls for greater transparency

Natalie Bennett: The Green Party leader re-imagines the city

Political life has given me many new angles on the city, its past and present, and how this city is becoming riven with faultlines


Tomorrow’s city: London or São Paulo?

If the views of the young and ambitious offer an accurate guide, the British capital has the edge

A global city with a gift for reinvention

London’s ability to adapt has kept it at the centre of international trade and finance for many centuries – and it is still changing

London and the UK: Of capital and revenue

Does the city’s contribution to the national coffers justify a bid for financial freedom?

Financial Services: City confidence ebbs amid EU exit fears

Uncertainty over the UK’s future in Europe, anti-bank sentiment and reforms are making the Square Mile nervous

London’s landmark regeneration project

The groundbreaking – and controversial – funding of a landmark London regeneration project

Regulation: Will short-term pain mean long-term gain?

Regulators and some analysts argue that the change will make London more competitive in the long run, writes Brooke Masters