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There has to be a lasting impact from the Olympics to justify the host city’s huge outlay

Flame passes on as eyes turn to future

There has to be a lasting impact from the Olympics to justify the host city’s huge outlay, says Roger Blitz

Venues: Hoping to avoid ‘white elephant’ syndrome

The one structure with a question mark is the big one – the 80,000-seater Olympic stadium, writes Roger Blitz

Project management: Lessons can be learned from successful delivery

Getting such a high profile build right was a boost for the UK’s reputation, writes Vanessa Kortekaas

TfL Twitter

Transport: Benefits may be intangible down track

The legacy could be better co-ordination rather than new infrastructure that had been planned anyway, writes Mark Odell

Sports participation: Uphill task turning inspiration into perspiration

The UK is hoping to succeed where others have failed, writes Vanessa Kortekaas

Richard Darlington

Opinion: Richard Darlington

A golden opportunity but final verdict is years away

East London: Chance to revive fading pulse

Deprived areas around the Olympic park are due to be transformed but obstacles are formidable, writes James Pickford

Staging events: ‘Top sports city’ aims to keep up momentum

Capital’s supporters say the time is right and the assets in place to attract more big championships, writes Rod Newing

Volunteering: Good causes hope for transfusion from ‘lifeblood’ of games

William Hall asks whether charities and other organisations will benefit from rising numbers of people willing to lend a hand

London: Trouble-free outcome adds lustre to overseas image

James Pickford finds the afterglow of a well-run games can provide its own subtle legacy for inward investment