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The country is suffering from a seven-year itch

Unease over the speed of change

Xan Rice, who wrote all the articles in this report, finds a country suffering from a seven-year itch

Oil: Discovery of reserves may be a mixed blessing

Corruption allegations have led to calls for concessions to be reviewed

Power: Nation remains largely in the dark after sunset

New power stations could be on the way if financing can be agreed

Politics: Messy election exposes fragility of democracy

The president is accused of failing to provide confidence in public institutions

men at the beach towing a cable
©Bonnie Allen

The internet: Cable offers the prospect of better connections

The country’s first genuine broadband service is expected to go live in December

Infrastructure: Former student activist put in charge of public works

Samuel Kofi Woods is trying to produce results

Maritime: Country remains a minnow in marine sector

The government wants to break away from simply being a flag of convenience

palm oil fruit

Palm oil: Companies have trouble securing land

Environmental activists trace problems back to concession process

Forestry: Contract abuses subject to investigation

Environmental campaign groups say donors’ bid to tighten up regulation of the sector have failed

The secrets of doing business in a town where nothing is simple

Perseverance, passion and luck are ingredients for survival