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Economy: new concessions have been signed in extractive industries but they will not be enough to foster development

Overview: Peace begins to pay dividends

John Reed and Orla Ryan on the Sirleaf government’s impressive list of achievements

Economy: Race is on to create new jobs for young

John Reed reports on efforts to wean the country off foreign aid

Frances Johnson-Allison

Corruption: Campaign to end culture of improper conduct

John Reed looks at the record of an anti-graft commission

Ports: Crucial part in rehabilitation

Orla Ryan reports on the growing confidence in the port at Monrovia

Politics: Poll result underlines need for reconciliation

Orla Ryan reports on the difficulties facing a president intent on uniting the country

Rubber tapping

Agriculture: Palm oil greases the wheels of growth

Farming is well placed to expand, says John Reed

cable workers

Returning exiles: Those who left and those who stayed

There is resentment towards those who fled the war and came back with a good education, reports Orla Ryan

oil drill ship

Black gold: Country hopes for spoils from oil finds

As companies prospect, campaigners call for prudent management of revenues, says John Reed

Security: More faith required in the rule of law

Orla Ryan reports on the role of United Nations peacekeepers