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The ripple effects of sluggish South African growth have concentrated minds on the need to diversify

Lesotho bids to lower reliance on neighbour

Sluggish South African growth has concentrated minds on the need to diversify, writes Andrew England

Economy: Cocktail of factors poses threat to revenues

Fledgling administration struggles to strike balance between fiscal prudence and need for development, writes Andrew England

Industry: Growth in textiles and clothing plays central role in jobs creation

Critics say more can be done to develop local skills, writes Jonathan Clayton

Guest column: Unequal neighbours bound together forever

Many people from the giant power next door regard the proudly sovereign kingdom as something of an oddity, writes Mondi Makhanya

Interview: Thomas Thabane

The prime minister tells Andrew England about his new government’s plans to raise living standards

Politics: Coalition looks to make break from turbulent history

A fragile administration has much to contend with as it carries hopes of an end to years of volatility, writes Andrew England

Migration: Opportunities next door skew things back home

Sam Mkokeli considers the new uncertainties on a well-trodden path

Elegant Ventures: Enterprise battles on

Jonathan Clayton on the frustrations of small-scale business

Tourism: Officials reflect on how to lure more visitors

Industry is performing well below its potential, writes Jonathan Clayton

Renewable energy: Power plans that look good on paper

Turning goals into reality is difficult in spite of an abundance of natural potential, writes Sue Blaine

Agriculture: Mountain air, sun and abundant water favour rural projects

Resources need harnessing, says Jonathan Clayton