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It is a tumultuous time for Latin America’s capital markets, with oil prices, scandal in Brazil and a weakened Chinese economy all biting deep. Yet there are some glimmers amid the gloom

Opportunity beckons amid the turmoil

Chinese slowdown, commodities prices and corruption scandal have hit hard — but with mixed results

Vulnerability index highlights weaknesses

Internal and structural flaws are hitting regional currencies as well as global pressures

China's prime minister Li Keqiang (centre) reviews the honor guard during his welcome ceremony at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia on May 19, 2015

China looks for new friends

The People’s Republic is shifting its focus from traditional investment targets

Hopes rise for end to battle with ‘holdouts’

Frontrunners in Argentina’s presidential election are keen to resolve dispute with US bondholders

Spectre of bond downgrade still looms

The asset class is relatively unscathed - but issuers are wary and there is no room for complacency

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff attends the launching ceremony of the Investment Program in Energy at Planalto Palace in Brasilia, on August 11, 2015
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Glimmers amid the economic gloom in Brazil

Financial and political crisis point to worst recession since the 1930s - but deals are still being done

BitUp video game from Cosmogonia

Mexican start-ups at end of queue for backers

Energy and infrastructure projects take priority over smaller companies, a games developer found

David Bojanini

A rare ‘multilatina’ on the acquisition trail

Grupo Sura’s continent-wide expansion offers it valuable diversity

Opinion: Lessons from Venezuela

A winner-takes-all system comes at a price, writes Francisco Rodriguez

Investment banking revenues graph

Mexican investment banking rides the storm

Steady approach has limited damage in the downturn

Chile hits copper bottom as it considers capital markets plans

Low growth and costly reforms make for a double blow


Demand for debt is strong, despite talk of a slowdown

Widening deficits and slow growth do not spell doom and gloom for the region

Market challenges abound despite high growth

The allure of Latin American corporate debt lies in the diversity of issuers and the potential for higher returns

Disaster averted in Brazil’s post World Cup land of mergers and acquisitions

Volatility has stopped deals being done but that is about to end

Investors vie for drill licence in Mexico

Equity funds eye the reformed energy sector

Richard Lapper: Raw materials lose their allure

This year’s fall in prices has confirmed what most equity investors have known for some time: a decade-long bonanza is over

Brazil achieves a hollow victory in ‘currency wars’

The weak real has not delivered the surge in competitiveness that many hoped for

Ambitious plans to transform Colombia

Hopes that private sector will invest in infrastructure programme

Market fears Venezuela’s socialist regime could default

Falling oil prices and Caracas’s apparent inability to respond to them, have investors worried

Talks to resolve Argentina’s sovereign debt battle face a number of hurdles

Optimism over government negotiations with holdout creditors is tempered by widespread litigation and bondholder manoeuvring