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Capital remains abundant in the Latin American region – for now. Debt issuance is heading for a record year, with $129bn of bonds placed in the first nine months of 2013

High spirits in Latin America help stem fears of leaner times

Although the commodity price boom may be nearing its end, debt, equities and M&A continue to perform

A region not yet in control of its own destiny

The greatest problem for Latin America’s economic policy makers has come from money flowing in, rather than flowing out

Debt holdouts put Argentina on spot

Legal fight in New York between Argentina and a group of hard-nosed hedge funds may be a game changer

Chile, Peru and Colombia lead growth in Andes region

Institutional fund managers are attracted by the range of possibilities and the political stability

Mexico: Deals to be done in country with a steady profile

The rising middle class is investing in sectors such as real estate

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Demand for shares in Latin America not met by supply

In many smaller markets, there are just not enough local stocks

Brazil: Investors see good in Batista’s bad news

Chances increase to get into the market at bargain prices

Corporate bond trade requires time to mature

When Latin American companies want to raise big money, they still go to the US

Currencies: As Brazilian real settles, attention turns to Mexico’s peso

Outside investors find it hard to locate a foreign exchange trade


Resilience at the core of a continent’s growth story

Latin America’s ‘lost decade’ may have been consigned to history but more development work is needed to remain buoyant, says John Paul Rathbone

Bonds: Groups prepare to play catch-up

Debt markets boom but still lag behind developing regions such as east Asia, says Vivianne Rodrigues

Brazil: Derivatives market enjoys solid outlook

Good prospects await private and government debt-issuance, writes Vivianne Rodrigues

Markets: Santiago aims to be hub for global investment

Chile has plans to become another Luxembourg, writes Jude Webber

Stock exchanges: Trading surge brings region together

Stronger economies and pension investors are fuelling growth, writes Adam Thomson

Mexico: Itaú BBA’s missing link

Country is key to Brazilian investment bank’s expansion strategy, writes Joe Leahy

Bourses: Uniting to build critical mass

Mila was aimed at broadening equity markets while bringing together exchanges with different strengths, writes Andres Schipani

Private equity: The ‘only way is up’ for an area with excellent growth prospects

The investment industry appears to be maintaining its regard for the region, writes Pan Yuk

Foreign exchange: Neighbours show little appetite for Brazil’s ‘war’

Intervention in the currency market could be a distraction from necessary reforms, writes Jonathan Wheatley

Institutional assets growth fuels interest

Fast growth has been enough to lure investors, distributors and asset managers, writes Pan Yuk

Guest column: Global ambitions can be achieved through a single voice

The Latin American region needs to consider the best practices that worked in the Nordics, writes Lars Ottersgård

BTG Pactual: ‘Superbank’ IPO sets the bar

In spite of legal and market difficulties the offering raised about $2bn, writes Samantha Pearson

Brazilian bonds: Better returns may become reality

Cuts could point to corporate bond market stimulation in the country, writes Joe Leahy

Belize: Clock ticks on debt restructuring

Bondholders expect sweeter terms to be presented in the country’s latest plan, writes Robin Wigglesworth

Argentina: Hangover from default is threat to development

Need for inward investment stifled by uncertainty over nation’s finances, writes Jude Webber

Equities: Change is in the air for stocks

Moves are afoot to sway investors’ aversion, writes Samantha Pearson