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An economy of $6tn and a 600m population entice multinationals on the hunt for fresh markets

Latin American: Brand power on the rise

An economy of $6tn and a 600m population entice multinationals on the hunt for fresh markets

Latin America: Designer labels on the rise

High-end shopping centres and enthusiastic consumers put sales on track for sharp growth

Richard Lapper
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Love affair with premium goods still intact

Global consumer companies ignore Brazil at their peril, writes Richard Lapper

US market: Multinationals adapt to appeal to Hispanics

Demographic changes are driving sales

Brazil: Can a marketing strategy be too successful?

Some companies inadvertently became unofficial sponsors of the protests in Brazil

the 2014 World Cup mascot

World Cup: High-profile sponsorship can be a boon – or backfire

Protests in Brazil are the latest sign that companies cannot assume deals will result in positive publicity

Polar beer

Venezuela: Polar’s chilly relationship with Chávez likely to thaw under Maduro

Supplying staple foods puts company beyond politics

Aviation: Mergers keep airlines aloft

Fuel costs, airport fees and competition are driving deals

Colombia: Loyalty is biggest barrier to new entrants

From banks to beer, locals know what they like and are resistant to change

Havaiana flip-flops

Growth leaves nowhere else to go but abroad

Domestic saturation has driven companies to look further afield

Colombia: Cementos Argos bets on US

The cement producer is concentrating its efforts on the southeast of the US

Keen to make a bigger marque

Local brands are giving international ones a run for their money, reports John Paul Rathbone

Methodology: How the Latin America rankings were compiled

The methodology is the same as that employed by the BrandZ Global Top 100, published by the Financial Times in May

Beer brands: Brewers seek to take tipples global

The sector has kept its fizz while others have wilted, says Louise Lucas

Focus on Brazil

Marketing : Online is expanding but TV is still king

Companies’ web presence grows but mobile revolution is yet to take off, writes Henry Mance

Opinion: Why segmentation is vital to success

For businesses of all kinds, several social changes have far reaching effects, writes Richard Lapper

Personal care: Domestic focus delivers for Hypermarcas

Luke McLeod-Roberts reports on how the conglomerate thrives in the marketing battle with US giant Gillette

Cotuba: Guarana drink sales take off in Japan

Expats’ thirst for taste of home drives imports, says Luke McLeod-Roberts

Argentina: Sweet success is achieved in different packs

Arcor and Havanna have contrasting ways of building their presence, says Jude Webber

Chile: Retailers extend grip across the continent

Property and finance ventures drive expansion, writes Jude Webber

Telcel: No panic as Carlos Slim unit is denied TV access

Mexican mobile phone operator found other ways to get its message across, writes Adam Thomson

Venezuela: Popularity helps keep Chavez at bay

The overwhelming brand value of Empresas Polar plays a large part in keeping it private, writes Benedict Mander