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The democratic sheen that many Kuwaitis have long pointed to with pride is being tarnished

Upheaval increases as Kuwait’s economy stagnates

The democratic sheen that many have long pointed to with pride is being tarnished, write Michael Peel and Abeer Allam

an artist's impression of the Silk City development

Economy: Development stifled by cronyism and handouts

The government has ambitious plans as the push for non-oil growth takes on an added urgency. Michael Peel reports

Artist’s impression of the Hudson Yards development

Kuwait Investment Authority: Integrity and caution are no handicap

Funding does not rely on a whim, writes Henny Sender

Private sector: Business set to have more prominent role in big plans

New regulations offer hope amid calls to cut bureaucracy, writes Simeon Kerr

Politics: Reaction to protest risks reputation for openness

Government and opposition seem to be running out of patience, writes Abeer Allam

Oil and gas: Lack of consistency bedevils progress in crucial industry

Things may improve when the boards of state groups come up for renewal, says Guy Chazan

Electricity: Hopes for sufficient power pinned on Subiya expansion

Demand will be met as long as new plants are on schedule, says Verity Ratcliffe

Kuwaitisation: Youth demands action to meet expectations

Legislation will require the private sector to reserve 30% of jobs for locals, writes Abeer Allam

Freedom of speech: Hundreds arrested in social media crackdown

Michael Peel reports on a round-up of tech-savvy young professionals

Guest column: Consensus on the role of parliament remains elusive

The country seems to be at a crossroads over the future of political reform, representation and freedom of speech, writes Jane Kinninmont

Thatcher legacy: Tributes illustrate invasion fears

Michael Peel finds widespread praise for the woman seen as having ‘held our sky’

The Investment Dar: Creditors stand by for ‘problem child’ payment

Troubles highlight deeper concerns about restructuring, says Camilla Hall

Gender equality: Women blaze a difficult trail

Females are more emancipated than their Gulf peers, writes Abeer Allam