Doing Business in Kenya

In this issue

- External shocks have been blamed for spiralling inflation

- The country’s invasion of Somalia is in danger of backfiring

Overview: A fragile state is put to the test

William Wallis and Katrina Manson consider the high stakes attached to next year’s election

Tatu City

Land use: Fortunes tied to a new speculative force

William Wallis considers the consequences of selling agricultural land to real estate developers

A mother uses her mobile phone

Mobile phones: Potential for social change if networks can fix problems

High hopes despite tough market, says Katrina Manson

Chief Justice: On a mission to root out corruption and incompetence

Kenyans and investors who have long shunned the judicial process can begin to hope for change under Willy Munywoki Mutunga, writes Parselelo Kantai

Politics: Violence after 2007 election remains fresh in the mind

Parselelo Kantai on how the ICC trials are affecting the country

Security: Instability drives a high-risk invasion

William Wallis reports on the Somalia operation

Securities exchange: Long-termists see opportunities in market fall

But losses put many locals off for good, says Katrina Manson

Economy: When fundamentals go awry

Katrina Manson reports on the effects of inflation

Private equity: Initiatives aim to bring in more business

Katrina Manson looks at the quickening pace of the local industry