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- Efficient houses: Legislation spurs smart systems to save energy
- Social gaming: Smurfs show the way to make play pay

Disasters put old approaches to stern test

Hardware-focused companies are showing a willingness to abandon unprofitable sectors

Kimikazu Noumi

Industrial policy: Strategy shifts from rescue to growth

Long-term risk capital is becoming more available, writes Ben McLannahan

Sekisui House

Efficient houses: Savings on energy use start in the home

Legislation is spurring the design of smart and efficient systems, writes Michiyo Nakamoto

Ed Borden

Crowdsourcing: Funding borrows from social networks

Aggregating data and money is a success, writes Lindsay Whipp

Early warning: Defeat natural disasters with high-tech and old wisdom

Mure Dickie on measures to counter tsunamis


Video games: Smurfs and zombies show the way to make play pay

A revolution in mobile gaming is under way, writes Ben McLannahan

Farmer tilling a field

Agriculture: Traditional way of farming must change to be profitable

Michiyo Nakamoto finds progress in the sector is slow


Robotics: Androids close the gap with people

Non-humans are increasingly accepted, writes Lindsay Whipp

Bamboo twigs in a pool

Water cooling: Ancient material now at the cutting edge

A problem of excess heat was solved with bamboo, says Mure Dickie