Istanbul: Business & Finance 2011

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- Banking: Foreign investors remain interested although it has been a tough year
- Historic Istanbul: Medieval marvels can be hidden gems

Megacity with ambitions to match

If Istanbul addresses its infrastructure problems and mitigates earthquake risk, it can rank among the world’s great centres

Kadir Topbas, Istanbul's mayor

Interview: City mayor defends ambitious plans

Kadir Topbas tells Funja Guler and Daniel Dombey that fears of a future earthquake should not serve as a brake on Istanbul’s development

A bank in Istanbul

Capital Markets: Ankara weighs in with shake-up of exchanges

One ‘multi-asset’ bourse based in Istanbul could aid competitiveness, says Jeremy Grant

Banking: Investors look beyond tough conditions

The sector has been well insulated from global crises, says David O’Byrne

Commercial code: New law puts emphasis on transparency

The regime will apply to unlisted companies too, says Anthony Skinner

RMK Marine’s facility in Tuzla Bay

Yachtmakers cruise ahead as shipyards feel the pinch

An extremely wealthy clientele has insulated some manufacturers from the sector’s woes

Marmaray tunnel

Infrastructure: City’s construction boom is a mixed blessing

Leyla Boulton says the government is keen to tackle big transport projects

A bazaar in Istanbul

Visitor guide: From the buzz of the bazaar to the beauty of the Bosphorus

The city is simply intoxicating, says Andrew Finkel

Umit Boyner

Umit Boyner: Lobbyist for business pulls few punches

Leyla Boulton meets the forthright president of Tusiad

St. Saviour church

Historic Istanbul: Pockets of history cast intriguing shadows

Daniel Dombey escapes from the biggest tourist sites to find some medieval marvels

Property: Projects keep rolling despite slowing growth

Increased interest from overseas is keeping prices high, says Michael Kuser