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Through its diaspora, its businesses, its cultural heritage and even the humble pint of stout, Ireland wields a lot of ‘soft power’

Recovery hinges on global connections

Ireland will draw on goodwill as it emerges from crisis

Australia is among popular emigration destinations for young Irish adults
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Exodus of young talent prompts skills fears

Persuading highly educated workers to return home is an uphill struggle

Immigration continues despite tough times

A ‘network effect’ means communities from Europe and beyond have taken root

the National Ploughing Championships
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Economy remains rooted in agriculture

Technology and pharmaceutical companies get the attention, but farming is at the nation’s heart

Dublin’s technology cluster effect

Low tax and big-name neighbours are not the only advantages

Intercom founder Eoghan McCabe

The Irish take on Silicon Valley

Migrants’ energy and experience are impressing venture capitalists in San Francisco

Conor O’Clery
©Cyril Byrne

‘We are seen as convivial – it is a distinct plus’

Veteran correspondent Conor O’Clery on being an Irishman abroad

How heavyweights took off overseas

The ambitious generation of 1970s and 1980s entrepreneurs took their start-ups to the top

Gaelic sports maintain ties with diaspora

Clubs are springing up in Asia and Latin America

fiddler Martin Hayes and Dennis Carhill at Feakle
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Irish culture and soft power

Tourists want authenticity but institutions are coming under pressure