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As Turkey tries to rein in its current account deficit and shift away from its heavy reliance on imports, its companies are working to build global businesses

‘Great chief’ steers into uncharted waters

Since Turkey’s Gezi protests, prime minister Erdogan still has a way of angering the middle and professional classes

Andrew Finkel: To progress, Turkey must get back to ‘normal’

The Turkish government has to engage in reforms that would make the economy more competitive

Turkey’s current account deficit is economy’s Achilles heel

Turkey’s reliance on imports and short-term fund flows increase risk

from left: Mehmet Simsek, Ibrahim Turhan, and Ali Sabanci

Turkey: Money may be tight, but development will go on

Leaders in the worlds of finance and business talk about what lies ahead for Turkey

Turkish businesses set out to build global reputations

Buying well-known names is a shortcut to growth

Mavi jeans on display online in Germany

German customers enjoy brands without borders

In Germany, Turkish companies have tended to focus on the 3m consumers of Turkish origin

Erdogan, the man who divides the Turkish nation

The Turkish prime minister appears to have morphed from courageous reformer to irritable authoritarian

Turkey: uncertainty gives pause for thought

Politics, red tape and an unpredictable legal system are causes for concern

Tougher regime for Turkish banks

Tight regulation has kept Turkish banks out of trouble


Taking its wares to the world

Turkey has rebalanced its economy towards exports and away from domestic demand, writes Daniel Dombey

Abdullah Gul: Crucial need to retain the country’s dynamism

Heavyweight strikes conciliatory tone, says Daniel Dombey

Tanap: Pipeline offers security with demand for energy growing

Joint venture with Azerbaijan will secure supplies for EU, writes David O’Byrne

Infrastructure: Erdogan dash for growth will need backers

Turkey may struggle to raise the billions of dollars it needs, says Shawn Donnan

Economic ties: Turkey turns to the Gulf for funding

Arab investors explore property, finance and energy sectors, writes Camilla Hall

Near neighbours: Opportunity to bolster rights or build new order

Turkey should be an invaluable ally to an EU fumbling for answers on its periphery, writes David Gardner

Banking: Gold deposits could meet credit demand

The central bank’s policy is also a way to boost savings, writes David O’Byrne

Europe: Erdogan and Gul differ on country’s EU aspirations

The president hopes that joining will complete the country’s transformation but hurdles abound, writes Daniel Dombey

Lifestyle: High society does lunch in Istanbul

Confidence aplenty in a changing city, says Andrew Finkel