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The president’s influence and the viability of the government’s economic policies are causing concern. How will Turkey’s tumultuous political scene affect its prospects?

Checks on power hold key to growth

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s triumphs at home have sometimes tarnished the country’s reputation abroad

Comment: Foreign capital could be the answer to debt woes

David Edgerly on Turkey’s increasing struggle to attract enough direct investment to finance its liabilities

‘Quick, aggressive’ reform to boost growth

Low domestic savings, unemployment and the gender pay gap are holding the country back

Politics: upheaval looms as president attempts to centralise rule

Erdogan no longer regarded as a champion of democracy

Islamic bank under pressure

A government-ordered audit of Bank Asya appears to many to have been politically motivated

Signs of trouble in developers’ paradise

Construction boom appears to be over

Workers pay a deadly price for cheap coal

Privatisation model stands accused of encouraging sacrifice of safety for profit

Foreign funds still arrive despite turbulence

Banking sector appeals though profitability has fallen

Case study: how Tiryaki turned lentils into billions

One of the country’s top exporters of agricultural products


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