Investing in Poland

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- Euro 2012: ugly aspects of the beautiful game keep fans and business away

- Economy: there is less room for manoeuvre than in 2008

Overview: Public finance reform is next big step

Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform party won a strong mandate in recent elections. Will the government now tackle thorny health and social security problems?

Shales gas

Energy: Shale could help break Russia’s grip on gas

A nascent industry with huge reserves might bring security to the country and region, says Adam Easton

Economy: Less room for manoeuvre than in 2008

The deficit has grown from 1.9 per cent in 2007 to 7.9 per cent, reports Neil Buckley

Donald Tusk

Video: Poland faces up to reform

Does Donald Tusk have the political will to deal with nation’s problems?

Kraków’s Cracovia club

Euro 2012: Ugly aspects of the beautiful game keep both fans and business away

The football contest has brought impressive infrastructure but corruption and hooligans need to be tackled, explains Jan Cienski

Zachodni WBK

Banking: Record earnings may lead to shake-up

Parental stresses could see a wave of disposals by foreign owners to boost balance sheets, writes Neil Buckley

Outsourcing: Choice of secondary cities makes country attractive

Polish labour costs are significantly higher than in India, but the country’s other advantages make it appealing, writes Jan Cienski

Samsung: Proud tradition of maths proves a strong draw

Kamil Tchorek looks at why the Korean electronics company’s Warsaw research centre has been such a success

Grzegorz Hajdarowicz: Press owner puts his faith in new media

Kamil Tchorek talks to the buyer of the top conservative title

Real estate: Investors seek safety of commercial property

Prime industrial yields are a juicy 8 per cent but there is a glut of residential space, writes Jan Cienski

Agriculture: EU funding helps secure a worthwhile harvest

Modernisation and ecological programmes have contributed to a revival of rural areas, says Jan Cienski

Luxury: Polish taste for the high life grows

Warsaw transformed as city’s inhabitants get richer and consumer spending booms