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With economic growth of about 3 per cent a year, a stable government and a shrinking fiscal deficit, Poland is still a place investors want to be, but it faces problems in the short term

Outside forces weigh on Poland

The elevation of the former prime minister to a top EU job shows how far the state has come since the end of communism

Marcin Piatkowski at the Instituto de Prospectiva Tecnologica in Seville, an EU think-tank focused on projecting developments in various modern technologies

Poles need to be innovators, not imitators

The country needs to become more of a ‘knowledge economy’ to catch up with wealthy nations

Kopacz faces tough year as elections loom

The result of last month’s local ballot is a warning for Poland’s new prime minister

Kapelanka 42, the team of office buildings with LEED Gold level in Krakow, Poland

Office demand grows in Poland’s regions

Political and social stability offer much to those seeking a long-term return on their investment

Future outlook: there could be trouble ahead for Poland's ageing population
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Exodus of youth ages Poland’s population

Large numbers of young people continue to take their skills abroad

Jan Krzysztof Bielecki

Commentary: Commitment to freedom, the EU and western values behind Poles’ success

Not many opportunities are as big as freedom, which we achieved in 1989, writes Jan Krystof Bielecki

Ladybird struggles to lift off as prices fall

Expansion plans at Poland’s biggest chain of supermarkets have slowed as food prices have fallen

Poland’s banks turn high tech

The outlook for the sector may be rosy, but underlying weaknesses cause concern

Acting locally, thinking globally: entrepreneur Borys Musielak

Poland’s digital start-ups eye far shores

Young would-be bosses’ dreams go well beyond national boundaries

Poles’ energy fears override green goals

Warsaw remains worried that European legislation could increase fuel costs