Rebuilding the Economy


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Inward investment: Japan’s skills
and diligence prove their worth

Architecture: Tokyo’s skyline has taken on a foreign flavour

Overview: One year on, reserves of strength come to fore

The challenges go beyond renewal after the March 2011 disaster but it is too soon to write off the third largest global economy, writes Mure Dickie

Energy needs: Thinking small is new big idea

Jonathan Soble examines the arguments for producing green power at the local level

Bond sales: Patriotism has golden reward

Ben McLannahan finds national pride has been stirred

Yuichiro Saito displays two versions of Sanwa’s new Geiger counters
©Mure Dickie

Innovation: Rapid response helps businesses prosper

Mure Dickie finds the disaster’s legacy is being turned into opportunity

Stock exchanges: Merger of markets may foreshadow expansion overseas

Ben McLannahan explains why Tokyo and Osaka are joining forces

Tourism: Room for expansion as industry fights back

Hoteliers remain upbeat and have big plans, writes Michiyo Nakamoto

Inward investment: Skills and diligence prove their worth

Foreigners have faith in the workforce, finds Ben McLannahan

Architecture: Capital city’s skyline takes on a foreign flavour

Amid tough times, firms from abroad are in demand, says Michiyo Nakamoto


Case study: Peach Aviation hopes its launch will bear fruit

First Eastern’s Victor Chu believes Japan is ripe for low-cost carriers, writes Michiyo Nakamoto