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In the fourth part of our series examining the relationship between institutional investors and asset managers, we look to the frontier markets for investment opportunities, and ask whether pension funds are receiving the best client service

Opportunities in frontier markets

After a difficult few years for frontier markets, the future looks brighter


Steve Jacobs
The chief executive of BTG Pactual thinks institutional investment in emerging markets will jump in the next five years

Service with a smile

Asset managers must go the extra mile to meet growing investor demands

Managers consider SRI’s bottom line

While support for socially responsible investing grows on paper, committing to it has yet to become a priority for asset managers

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Pension funds assess investments in government debt

Analysts weigh the costs of having pension liabilities tied to government bonds

Passive aggression

The growing investor appetite for index-based investment strategies means ETF industry assets are on the rise

Schemes seek flexible route to growth

Looking for higher-yielding and less expensive assets, but without the added volatility

Kick-starting the flow of ideas

Pension plans consider the latest batch of asset allocation innovations to maximise returns

Balancing fund managers’ pay

The Kay Review triggered a debate on how to plug ‘leakages’ of fund managers’ pay so that end investors receive more

An alternative road to European investing

Fund managers consider what effect will the incoming AIFM directive have on their business and the industry as a whole

Knowing when to let go

Investors assess the best way to switch fund managers when things are not going as planned


Who is tapping into the axes of growth?

Morgan Stanley report identifies winners and losers in the drive for growth

Inflows hit high-yield bond market

Active managers are sometimes being forced to trade ETFs instead

Managers stay close to their investments

Managers need proximity to clients and target companies

The fraught quest for low-risk return

No answer to the overvaluation of index-linked investments

Global Infrastructure raises $8.3bn fund

Private equity group to target developed markets

Real estate destined to grow in pension plans

Institutional property weighting should rise from 5% to 6%

Banks’ infrastructure loan sell-offs attract one Danish pension fund

Most institutions remain wary because they lack expertise

Time to change the rules of the game

It is a sad indictment that regulation seems the only way

Passive investing has room to grow

As over 75% of investment is active, passive has room to expand

Investors force radical reshaping

Private investors pull out but institutions raise fund investments

Providers dangle attractive terms to lure institutionals

European leveraged loans offering improved rates and terms

Fund managers must break their silence