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The fundamental outlook in the region, especially for the 10 countries that have joined the EU in the past decade or so, remains relatively robust, buoyed by the recovery in the eurozone, its biggest trading partner

Loss of open borders poses threat

Migrant crisis and move to political right may limit trade

Leaders seek to bask in high-tech glow

Innovation is a delicate flower. Fail to nurture it and ideas quickly wither

Eva Paunova
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Tapping the talent of Generation D would be a key stroke for EU

Bulgaria’s young MEP Eva Paunova eyes digital growth

Syrian migrants have help from smartphone app to cross Europe

Program meets need for news on routes to safety

2015 New Europe 100

The project is intended to raise the profile of innovation in emerging Europe

Edgars Rozentals

Funds find a way to the wild, wild east

Latvia is slowly generating a tech hub of its own

the Elbee vehicle

Wheelchair car plots profitable course

Czech component maker finds market for vehicle

Cord Prinzhorn

Innovation and hard work grew paper tiger

Investment in technology and staff secured contracts with multinationals

Handshakes and smiles hide investor fears

Crippled by corruption and ravaged by war, Ukraine’s woes persist

Postponed flotation damps growth hopes

Post-crisis turning point yet to be reached in the Baltics

Buyers hang on the line in telecoms sale

While selling of some of former Yugoslavia’s state assets have been successful, the sales of telecoms are just gaining traction

Hyundai Motor factory network helps drive Czech economy

Post-crisis turning point yet to be reached in the Baltics


Start-ups blow away stereotypes

Growing interest from foreign investors and list of New Europe challengers reflect the region’s educational strengths, skills and innovative achievements

Silicon Valley has lessons for the post-Soviet world

Location is no longer a handicap for central and eastern Europe to develop its own centres of talent, money and ideas, writes Murad Ahmed

Bureaucracy frustrates new businesses

Countries come well down World Bank ranking for starting new ventures in spite of some progress

From industrial dinosaurs to world-class growth rates

The region must move beyond being a manufacturing powerhouse, says Neil Buckley

Budapest builds on talent pool

More relaxed immigration rules help attract foreigners, says a founder of Prezi presentation software company

Young researcher’s breakthrough spurs business ambitions

Polish schoolgirl has come up with a non-invasive method of drug delivery to tumour cells

TV host sparks a revolution in paying for utilities

Czech mayor’s online auctions for power supplies could extend to other goods and services

Alternative web journals serve up cappuccino reviews and local culture

An interview with a Belarus publisher who gives a less restricted view online

EU-funded venture capital model proves double-edged sword

Influx of EU Jeremie cash boosts start-ups in Hungary but fund managers are accused of micro-managing and stifling innovation