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Central and eastern Europe is benefiting from the eurozone’s return to economic health. But which countries are the strongest, and how can investors find the best opportunities?

Confidence returns to maturing central and eastern European economies

As several countries in the region near their 10th anniversary in the EU, they are no longer seen as emerging markets

Matthias Siller

Time to build a portfolio that diversifies risk

Matthias Siller of Baring Asset Management on which countries to choose and why

Poland still the prime pick for private equity

The country’s size makes it the focus of activity

Financial Plaza in Bucharest, Romania
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Commercial property: Bold venture farther south and east to improve returns

Fewer opportunities in traditional hunting grounds is widening some investors’ horizons

Signs of stability spark rush of Moscow listings

Lower volatility than other emerging markets boosts IPO numbers

Historic EU deal would push Ukraine into needed reforms

Conditions for business will have to improve

Outsourcing: Skills in demand to fuel service centre boom

Shift to added-value roles is a challenge

Tesco employee

Tesco: Multi-channel is key

Water is a source of the UK supermarket’s success

Hungary’s Tokaj vineyards come back to life if not yet profit

Despite the risks in reviving a famous brand and the slow pace, many investors have demonstrated their faith


Region draws strength from prudence

Outlook is brighter for central and eastern Europe but there is still a difficult year ahead, writes Neil Buckley

Financial services: Sturdy banks sector is well cushioned

Indicators are good although the picture is differentiated between countries, says Jan Cienski

China: Beijing targets European shift

Wooing EU’s new member states may prove wise investment, writes Neil Buckley

Outsourcing: Region puts its faith in foreign partnerships

Top companies prepare to share the spoils of new-found economic success, says Kester Eddy

GE: Early foray into eastern Europe reaps rewards

Business makes its own way in Hungary with or without help, writes Kester Eddy

Automotives: Car plants accelerate past western counterparts

New models and low labour costs are keeping production in the region’s factories buoyant, writes Jan Cienski

Infrastructure: Football fever boosts building boom in Poland and Ukraine

Euro 2012 provided a spur to overhauling transport links, say Roman Olearchyk and Jan Ciensk

Private equity: Direct investors steal in as stock markets begin to falter

Businesses’ overseas growth ambitions are driving deals, writes Jan Cienski

Resources: Shale gas will have its day in Europe – but not just yet

Unconventional gas may not answer all Europe’s energy supply problems but its development will help, reports Neil Buckley

Entrepreneurship: Dedicated business leaders help new ventures prosper

A pilot programme to help start-ups has succeeded beyond expectations, says Kester Eddy