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Encouraging signs of health in the UK economy suggest the country is moving into recovery, bolstered by London’s status as a centre of global finance

Flurry of activity puts UK back on the map

Results point to a sustained recovery, but fears over potential EU exit may be tempering enthusiasm

Infrastructure: Construction revival still stuck at first base

The money is out there, but the projects are not

Foreign investment: UK’s strength is in vehicles, food innovation and pharma

Future success lies in focusing on proven sectors, not competing for every opportunity

UK manufacturing: Nissan has led renaissance in car production

Sunderland was the industry’s saviour

Overseas funding goes further in the UK

The digital sector leads the way in attracting foreign capital

The UK and the City: Drive to promote financial services

Despite turbulence and challenges from Asia, the UK remains a strong centre

the Francis Crick Institute for biomedical research in London, due to open in 2015

Biotech: Life sciences get shot in the arm as they work around problems

Initiatives to boost pharma are helping, but caution remains

Britain, the former empire, strikes back

From Weetabix to Blackburn Rovers, overseas investors are piling in to UK brands

A tale of two parts: London and the rest of the country

England needs to improve its performance to keep UK on top

EU referendum plan unsettles Britain’s friends

The referendum casts uncertainty over Britain’s attractiveness for inward investment