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Spark needed to ignite economy

Spark needed to ignite economy

Although growth has slowed, the country is still a good investment but stability requires long-term reform

Agriculture: Better land management pays dividends

Farming is expanding without destroying the environment, writes Jonathan Wheatley

A woman brushes her teeth

Brazil Confidential: Consumption and resources are central to development

The country’s consumer-driven growth is set to continue for some time, writes Richard Lapper

Personal grooming in Diadema

Cosmetics: Products gel with lower income workers

The love of international brands is typical of Brazil’s growing and increasingly self-confident lower middle class, writes Luke McLeod-Roberts

Property: Real estate becomes target for investors

A rapidly growing middle class has boosted prices, says Samantha Pearson

Oil & Gas: BG has five big reasons why country is key to its future

Group is sitting on valuable discoveries but development costs are huge, says Samantha Pearson

Manufacturing: Government erects barriers to automakers’ drive for growth

Expansion by carmakers collides with effects of politicians’ protectionist policies says John Reed

Eike Batista

Wealth management: Rising incomes mean the business is booming

Rising incomes mean the business is booming as the country has become one of the world’s top producers of millionaires

Private Equity: Country still a target

Tapping of middle class remains a dominant theme, writes Joe Leahy