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Political upheaval and the sharp fall in oil prices in the region — including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon — have put the brakes on the Gulf’s powerful growth momentum

Political turmoil and economic slowdown end boom years

illustration by James Ferguson for Investing in the Arab World March 2015 special report
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The plunge in the oil price and a deteriorating security situation in the region have radically altered the fiscal landscape

Failure to diversify hurts long-term growth

The fall in the price of crude is set to pose challenges

A Moroccan engineer cycles past the solar panels of the solar power station of Ain Beni Mathar near Oujda on May 31, 2011
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Falling cost of solar offers solace after halving of oil price in the Gulf region

Harnessing the sun’s rays is playing an important role in the push to develop cheaper power sources

Armand Phares

Rules of engagement for doing business

Readapt, retool and reassess to succeed

Security concerns make business difficult

Exporters struggle to adjust to cheaper oil but importing countries enjoy some benefits

Egypt expects building boom

Developers resolve legal disputes and form partnerships with government

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Comment: Motivation goes a long way

Employers need to provide opportunities for career development to develop perseverance and hardiness