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With a third of the world’s 200m unemployed under the age of 25, FT writers examine threats facing young people, ranging from inadequate skills to ill-health, and emerging solutions to problems both old and new

World risks losing the next generation

Violence and extremism are very real risks if millions of under-25s feel economically or politically excluded

Children are easy targets for the global slave trade

It is estimated that 350,000 young victims a year are taken across borders

BMW apprentice

Apprenticeships: South Carolina has much to gain from being more like Germany

Manufacturers such as BMW and Schaeffler are exporting tradition of vocational training to the world

students in lab coats

Education: Without the right skills, qualifications prove academic

Fewer graduates will flip burgers if business does more to help guide students towards available jobs

children playing with a monitor and keypad

Technology: Schemes equip for online future

Next generation needs the skills to thrive in a connected world

Entrepreneurship: Where failure is part of recipe for success

Groups need to give youths better advice

Diversity: Lack of tolerance over sexual orientation leaves lasting scars

LGBT youth face greater bullying and violence

Health: Delicate balance of risk and reward

Incentives are being used to encourage adolescents to make responsible choices

from left: Nelson Rayner, Esperanza Garcia, Boniface Mwangi

Innovators give voice to charity, climate and creativity

Profiles of Nelson Rayner, Esperanza Garcia, and Boniface Mwangi