Investing in Turkey

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- Interview: Foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu on the country’s
new-found confidence
- Ancient crossroads: Konya seeks upgrade links for industry

Overview: Can-do culture drives growth ‘miracle’

Entrepreneurial spirit has lured investors but current account deficit and inflation are worries, reports Daniel Dombey

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Foreign relations: Policy struggles to keep up with rush of events

Unrest among its Arab neighbours has forced change, writes Tony Barber

Ahmet Davutoglu

Ahmet Davutoglu: Renewed confidence is on display

Daniel Dombey talks diplomacy with the foreign minister

EU accession: Entry is a long way off

The EU-Turkish relationship will need careful handling over the next 12 months, writes Tony Barber

Media: Tighter curbs limit freedom of expression

Journalists worry at the increasing authoritarianism of the ruling AKP, says Leyla Boulton

Hakam Kanafi

Telecoms: Growth of mobile brings opportunities

Daniel Dombey on a tale of two telecoms markets

Temel Kotil

Turkish Airlines: ‘Europe’s favourite’ carrier steers a contrarian course

The network has expanded during the financial crisis, says Leyla Boulton

Retail: Young population makes for an attractive market

But investors seek more immediate returns in food, says Leyla Boulton

Workers in a pipeline

Energy: Security is vital to country’s role in oil and gas transit

Pipeline attacks and drilling rights remain challenges, says Tony Barber


Ancient crossroads: Konya seeks upgrade links for its industry

The city’s ambitions depends to a great extent on foreign financing, writes Daniel Dombey